Maison Louis-Marie Vincent is distinguished by its know-how and its taste for excellence in the world of creation of fine furniture and decorative wall panels but also in the world of the fine furniture restoration. MLMV uses its expertise to assist interior designers, museums, institutions, collectors…
With his experience in the very closed universe of prestigious fine furniture restoration, Louis-Marie Vincent, MLMV Artistic Director and Production Manager, has the theme “History and Know-How”. Through this philosophy, he has managed to attract the trust of an international private and professional clientele that is both demanding and cultivated. He proposes his know-how for the luxury markets : residential, hospitality, yachting… He is also consultant for luxury engineering and prototyping to bring aesthetic and innovative solutions to complex technical problems.

Trésor Vivant de l’Artisanat Prize (2016)
Initiative Sarthe Prize (2013)
Reference in the Annuaire Officiel des Métiers d’Art de France, INMA
Member of Ateliers d’Art de France


The workshops located in Mayenne, in the Loire Region in France, 1h00 from Paris by train, combine the five professions necessary for restoration and creation :
cabinet-making, marquetry, covering, locksmithing and finishes. Thanks to his training in chemistry with Gilbert Delcroix, Director of IFROA in Paris, Louis-Marie Vincent is specialized in the technique of parchment covering both in restoration and creation.