Chest of drawers GME 18748 "La rêveuse"

“La rêveuse” GME 18748 chest of drawers in Louis XV style, in rosewood, gilded bronzes, cardboard-stone and parchment.
Around forgotten pieces of furniture, without great heritage value, the idea of innovative research has developed in line with an eco-responsible logic of respect and reuse of materials. Mandated by the Mobilier national, which gave carte blanche to transform the “alienated” chest of drawers in rosewood and gilded bronzes, embellished with a top in red Languedoc marble, the designer Thierry Bétancourt and Louis-Marie Vincent, imagined an enormous cloud created with the revisited technique of cardboard-stone by MLMV. This technique was used at the Palace of Versailles in the 18th century for theater sets or ceiling mouldings.